Led by directors of Bossun Group, Cooperation partners and agents of Bossun Group from China visited Cleveland Clinic Canada on 2018-Feb-09 in downtown Toronto and the CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada showed them around and introduced one of the best hospitals in the world. Leaders from Bossun Group came to this visit include: the President Mr. Jiang, Vice President Ms. Wu, the Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Zhang and the director of medical department Dr. Qi Wang.

Cleveland Clinic is very famous in the world for medical care in multiple departments especially in heart care. The most well-known surgeries such as bypass surgery, heart transplant and stent were all developed and implemented in Cleveland Clinic. It has been rank 1st for 23 consecutive years by US News and World Report in hear care. Besides, it also leads the medical care in urology, nephrology, cancer and so on.

Mr. Michael briefly introduced the history of the Canada clinic. Founded in 2016, it’s the second international center of Cleveland Clinic besides the headquarter in the US (the first one is in the United Arab Emirates). The clinic in Canada has attracted a lot of local and international politicians and celebrities since 2016. Mr. Michael also discussed about the cooperation and patient care with the leaders from Bossun Group and the cooperation partners and agents.

The director from Cleveland Clinic showed the major departments of the clinic to the visitors after the discussion. Leaders from Bossun Group and the cooperation partners and agents were impressed by the nice environment and first-class experts, who are the guarantee of the best medical care. Later after visiting, the partners and agents from China remarked highly on the service and environment and are confident to provide better health care for Chinese clients here. Some of them booked the regular examination to further experience and we would report the examination in detail later.

We believe that with the collaboration of Bossun Group, the partners and agents from China and Cleveland Clinic, more Chinese will be assisted to get better and advanced medical consulting.