Bossun Group was invited to attend International Innovation Summit for Health that held in Toronto

On April 9, Bossun group was invited to attend International Innovation Summit for Health that held by MaRs in Toronto National Biomedical Innovation Center. Mr. Prakash, who is the head of the marketing department of MaRs Center, personally received Dr. Wang, the head of Bossun Health group, and gathered together with the heads of the three giant medical innovation companies which were IBM Watson Health, Siemens Healthineers, and Microsoft Medical, and discussed the application of innovative technologies such as AI technology, big data analysis, chip-directed analysis, 3D bio-printing in medical field.

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As an important medical innovation base in North America, Toronto, Canada has made great contributions to medical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other medical fields worldwide. From early insulin applications to today’s Autodesk artificial intelligence analysis systems. Toronto, Canada is gradually becoming an important North American high-tech center after Silicon Valley. In addition, Bossun Health was also invited to visit the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Lab (JLABS). Johnson & Johnson has set up four medical innovation labs in key innovation cities around the world, San Francisco Silicon Valley, Toronto MaRs, Shanghai Pudong, and London, England, dedicated to provide incubators for innovative healthcare companies.


We believes that the most important way to follow the direction of medical development in the future is to understand the frontier information of science and technology and colliding with innovative medical enterprises.