On Feb-19, Mrs. Beth, the Chief Marketing Office from CG Lab gave a lecture on DNA storage and test service in the meeting room of Bossun Group. Directors of Bossun Group, staff from marketing department and some of the agents from China attended the lecture.

Firstly, Mrs. Beth gave a brief introduction about their company, the CG lab Inc. Founded in 2012, CG lab is a high-tech company focusing on the research, test and storage of DNA. Their ground-breaking technology to store DNA at room temperature is a breakthrough in the field and they also have expertise in recovering ancient DNA. They also offer DNA facility secure banking where clients’ DNA are preserved and their medical and historical genetics are kept for a long time as health assets. Besides DNA storage, CG lab has multiple products on DNA test including full genome sequencing, ancestral origins, cancer gene test such as breast cancer, wellness& lifestyle test. Correspondingly CG lab will also offer customized interpretation of the report to help clients fully understand it.

Attendees were very interested in the lecture and discussed a lot about the importance of DNA test in medical condition and daily life. DNA test uncovers the genetic risks and may assists in making decision in critical situation. Mrs. Beth also discussed about DNA test in daily life with attendees from Bossun Group which would help to explain some inherited characteristics and wellness. For example, are you good at drinking or will you get drunk after one glass of beer? Are you sensitive to caffeine? Will exercise really help when you want to lose weight? With the reports of DNA test, you will know more.

At last, Mrs. Beth discussed about offering those great products to Chinese clients to help them learn more about themselves and help them preserve their health assets.

Thanks so much to Mrs. Beth for giving this lecture and attendees learned a lot about DNA storage and test. Meanwhile, Bossun Group looks forward to develop long-term cooperation with CG lab to better serve the Chinese clients for better living.